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Hera Human Resources has been helping companies in Montreal for several years to find the most relevant profiles for your recruitment needs. As experienced headhunters, we are dedicated to finding, selecting and recommending the best talent for your business.

An expert headhunter service

Headhunter cannot be improvised! And our team knows that. At Hera Human Resources, we use a proven methodology and a personalized, humane approach to identify the ideal candidates for your organization. By leveraging our expertise, we are able to find talent that perfectly matches your needs, your company culture and your goals.

Tailor-made recruitment solutions

We understand that every business is unique and requires a personalized recruitment approach. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions, developed specifically for your company and your projects. Our headhunters in the Montreal area have the contacts, networks and methods to find the best talent for the position to be filled.

Hera RH rencontre et sélectionne d'abord les candidats avant le recrutement final, effectué soit par le client ou Hera RH

Recruitment and Headhunting

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We offer different options:

    1. The purchase of a bank of hours for the acquisition of your talents in the form of hourly pricing.
        • Allows more flexibility in managing the recruitment process when you have several positions to fill simultaneously;
        • Offers personalized customer service;
        • Ensures a better candidate experience.

    2. Billing by mandate.


We know exactly what you need

Sourcing is a process that aims to identify candidates who match the profiles you are looking for. Our recruitment and profile hunting process is personality to your needs:

HR outsourcing

Call on us to meet your temporary needs

Outsourcing is the process of assigning you a qualified resource to perform specific tasks. We undoubtedly have the HR person to fill your temporary mandate, for the required period.

Multiple HR Services

We have extensive expertise in many areas of human resources.

Organizational Development

Our professionals can accompany and support you in your organizational development. Thus, we can help you review your business structure or support your teams in the development of their skills, in the optimization of team synergy, and more.

HR Marketing

HR marketing makes your company shine and allows you to stand out from the competition. We can help you with your positioning and employer brand to maximize your engagement and talent attraction.


We offer different training courses for all types of organizations. Whether it is to meet different needs in terms of occupational health and safety, ergonomics, human resources management or harassment prevention, call on Hera Human Resources.


Hera RH coaches’ mission is to provide personalized support to improve the skills and performance of a member of the team, the group or the entire organization.

Harassment investigation

Our experienced experts can help you complete your harassment investigation. By collaborating with us, you ensure an impartial process carried out according to the rules of the art.

Labour Relations

Our experts can assist you in the management of your files. They are available to advise you on litigation, complaints to the CNESST or the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, harassment complaints, etc.

Development of HR tools and documents

In order to facilitate the development and management of your human resources, we offer a support service in the creation of tools and documents, such as hiring contracts, terminations and drafting of HR policies.

HR Consulting

Our experts are ready to assist you in the implementation and improvement of your internal processes or to act as HR advisors.

Health and Safety

Make your work environment safe

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As a booming economic hub, Ntréal is distinguished by its multicultural environment and its international influence. In this dynamic context, it is crucial to find talent who not only possesses the required skills, but also fits perfectly into this cultural diversity and the global stage. This is where the importance of specialized headhunters comes in.

A recent survey revealed that 80% of companies in Montreal consider headhunters as strategic partners in their recruitment process. This statistic testifies to the added value that these professionals bring by identifying local and international talent that matches the specific needs of the city. Indeed, headhunters, with their expertise in the Montreal market and their extensive networks, are able to identify candidates who can contribute to the continued growth of the local economy.

Thus, in Montreal, headhunters are not only recruiters, but key facilitators in building diverse and successful teams, capable of thriving in a competitive and globalized environment.

Headhunters in Montreal are masters of proactive talent search. They rely on a combination of sophisticated techniques, well-established professional networks, in-depth analysis and in-depth market knowledge to identify ideal candidates.

A recent survey found that nearly 90% of candidates placed by headhunters in Montreal were not actively looking for a new job at the time they were contacted. This highlights the headhunters’ expertise in identifying hidden talent and in persuading these skilled professionals to consider new opportunities. These recruitment experts use advanced research and analysis techniques to map the market, identify rare and sought-after skills, and anticipate the movements of talented professionals.

Traditional recruiters focus on filling a variety of positions quickly, but headhunters play a crucial role in identifying elite talent for strategic opportunities, helping to shape the success and growth of businesses in Montreal. The distinction between a headhunter and a traditional recruiter lies in their approach and objectives when it comes to recruitment. While an ordinary recruiter focuses primarily on filling vacancies within an organization, a headhunter takes a more focused and proactive approach.

Fees vary, but consider it an investment. Hiring the wrong candidate can cost a lot more in the long run.

Of course, they integrate technological tools, including artificial intelligence systems, to refine and accelerate their research process. This combination of human expertise and the power of AI makes it possible to explore a vast universe of profiles and skills, ensuring that the most suitable potential candidates are identified and contacted. It’s as if headhunters are equipped with high-range binoculars to spot rare pearls in the jungle of talents.