About us

Why choose us?

Because our creativity is what sets us apart

We favor a human approach based on creative solutions. Our team of specialists has the HR expertise you require to meet your needs.

Just like choosing a candidate, selecting an HR partner is an important step.

Choosing Hera Ressources Humaines means to choose the rigor, the expertise, and the success!

Our values

A human and personalized approach

For us, each project is unique. We are committed to developing a strategy that is specific to your needs and to the achievement of your objectives.

In-depth knowledge of our clients

A complete analysis of our clients’ needs, culture and reality is essential. We can then guarantee adapted solutions for all projects.

Experience and know-how

Our experience and know-how allow us to offer you professional services that meet the highest industry standards.

Collaborative work

Collaboration and communication are the strengths of our team. We rely on the complementary skills of each member to form an impeccable team and offer the best services. By working hand in hand, we can go even further to fulfill your expectations.

Our expertise

By recruiting the best talent and optimizing your HR management practices, we will enable you to achieve optimal organizational performance while maximizing your investments.

Our customized approach will undoubtedly help you reach your highest standards.

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