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Whether your company is in the start-up phase or in strong growth, Hera Human Resources operates, manages and optimizes your recruitment and talent attraction projects. Our recruitment agency in the Montreal area listens to your needs, and offers adapted recruitment and human resources solutions.

Our mission

A Recruitment Agency tailored to your needs


We attract and recruit the best candidates for you

Whatever your human resources needs, we will be at your disposal to help you find the rare pearl. Our placement agency is tailored to your specific needs.


We want to increase your visibility

With its personalized approach, our passionate team of recruiters offers solutions adapted to all projects. Rest assured that we will offer you the best solutions to increase your visibility and notoriety.


We help your business grow

Your company is important to us and that’s why we rely on a collaborative work environment. Our local investment firm has in-depth knowledge of this dynamic and can help your business successfully navigate the Montreal recruitment landscape. Together, let’s aim for the highest peaks!

In Montreal, current recruitment trends reflect the changing world of work. Remote work has become a norm, and our recruitment and human resources firm is fully aware of this new reality.

How? By offering solutions that take into account the requirements of remote work. Diversity and inclusion are also at the heart of the concerns, with a growing commitment to inclusive hiring practices.

Our recruitment agency helps companies and candidates in the greater Montreal area. We offer solutions for Tailor-made recruitment, adapted to the specific needs of each whether in the field of human resources, finance, pharmaceuticals or other miscellaneous fields. Our rigorous recruitment process and our team of recruiters experience allows us to respond effectively to the needs of business staff, while providing opportunities rewarding job seekers.

Finally, technology and innovation play a major role in recruitment and human resource management, with the use of advanced tools to identify talent and facilitate team management processes.

Hera Human Resources is a team of human resources specialists based in Montreal. As a leading recruitment agency, we are dedicated to developing customized strategies to meet your specific goals.

Choose Hera, your recruitment firm in Montreal

By opting for our employment agency, Hera Human Resources, you opt for rigor, expertise and success. As a trusted placement agency in the Montreal area, we are committed to understanding and analyzing your needs, your corporate culture and your reality, in order to offer you tailor-made solutions for each project.

We are proud of our expertise in the investment of personnel, particularly in the recruitment of managers and the search for talent, where we work closely with our clients to Understand their perspective and help them speed up their process hiring. Our approach is personalized: we take the time to Get to know the companies and their teams to better contribute to the growth and success of their business. For candidates looking for opportunities in the Greater Greater Montreal, we offer a full range of services, ranging from Search for permanent positions in the management of temporary positions. We We are committed to helping every individual find a job that matches their skills and career aspirations.

The experience and know-how of our human resources agency

Our human resources agency prides itself on its experience and know-how, offering professional services that meet the highest industry standards. We strongly believe that collaboration and communication are essential to our work ethic.

Close collaboration to exceed your expectations

With Hera Human Resources, you benefit from all the complementary skills of our team.  We strive to go the extra mile to meet your human resources needs.

Our professionalism and dedication make us a trusted partner for both employers and candidates. Whether you’re a company looking to strengthen your team, or a professional looking for new career opportunities, we can help you achieve your goals with efficiency and expertise

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Quite simply, because you offer yourself the advantage of working with professionals who understand the cultural nuances and values of Quebec. Like what; A company in the sustainability sector is looking for a Chief Sustainability Officer to reinforce its commitment to corporate social responsibility. A local recruitment firm will understand the importance of this value in Quebec’s corporate culture and will be able to look for candidates who share this sensitivity.

Costs vary depending on the services required, but consider this an investment in the success of your business.

We recognize that the world of recruitment has evolved beyond traditional methods and we have embraced this transformation by adopting advanced technological tools. These tools allow us to manage recruitment processes with agility, analyze data accurately and track emerging market trends.

Our agency also recognizes that teleworking has become a fundamental part of the new professional reality. We’ve adjusted our strategies to identify and engage talent who will excel in a remote work environment, while providing companies with strategic guidance to navigate this ever-changing landscape. Our flexible approach and understanding of remote work allows us to offer customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

In addition, we value inclusion and diversity, which are essential for a company’s success in the modern world. Our agency is dedicated to identifying and promoting talent from diverse backgrounds, which strengthens the ability of companies to innovate and thrive.

  • Recruitment: Identify, attract and evaluate ideal candidates.
  • Placement: Find the perfect match between talent and companies.
  • Human Resources: Manage and optimize internal processes, training, and employee development.